Interview of the day - Mohamed Safwat

The Highest ranked player from Egypt Mohamed Safawat’s steady growth in ranking is propelling a new generation of Tennis players from Egypt which has one of the Largest numbers of Futures events.Having struggled on the Challenger Tour for the  last couple of years , this year is turning out to be the most profitable year for  the 27 year old Safwat. The hardworking Egyptian knocked out second seeded Thomas Fabbiano of Italy to register one of his biggest wins and entry into the quarterfinals.

Sunder Iyer of the Tashkent Media Team spoke to Safwat .

About the match today ?

 Thomas has been in great form and also the second seed here , I’m thrilled with my win as it one of my biggest win . I played very well in the opening set and lost timing on forehand in the second set , but I  built my momentum in the third set  and won , it’s a good win for me

Did you foresee a  win against second seeded Fabbiano ?

Of course Every match there is a chance to get a win , Though it is  tough to win against good players one has to go into the match with positive attitude or there is no point competing  and playing matches

Egypt has one of the largest number of Futures but not many players on the professional tour  ?

Yes there are many professional tournaments back home and that gives us a Lot of chances  to compete , helps us save lot of money , I started to win in these events and  , gain in confidence ,the tournaments give us a lot of comfort playing at home and making points .

I became the first player to enter the top 200 after 17 years  from my country and this has changed the scene of tennis now some good players coming out . Playing Challengers was  completely new experience . We were  discovering the road ,

Now  we know the way. There are, always new things to see and pass on to new generation .if one makes others follow and I’m happy to take the lead and help  many more players moving to the Challenger  tour .

How Challenging  was Your journey from the Futures to Challenger Tour ?

Moving from futures to challenger was a frustrating experience  because I didn’t win a round  for a year at Challenger events  and winning futures tournaments when I went back . This was , killing me from inside . Then I met a physiologist  who told me to enjoy the sport , rather than thinking of winning , This brought a big change and now the sport is giving me joy , I felt loose on court earlier I never smiled on court and  was always tight  , but the meeting changed my life 

The year so far ?

Its been my best year so far , I Started the year  at 199 and Managed to qualify for ATP tour events , I have added new things to my practice playing differently now , competing better ,  I’m on right track and focus on improving my level , and have some good results , today’s win is one of them.

Playing at Tashkent Challenger ?

My first time , it’s a great event  they are providing players all facilities  required for  playing good tennis. I’m happy to be here and enjoying myself


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