Interview of the day - Guillermo Gracia Lopez

34 year old Guillermo Gracia Lopez  reached 170 in the ATP Rankings this year  and struggled with his form  , having enjoyed the highest ranking of 23  in 2011. Having entered the event with a ranking of 105 , Garcia Lopez  had a reason to celebrated his win over the top seed Denis Istomin at  Tashkent Challenger in the semifinals. Double Joy for Garcia Lopez was reaching his fourth final of the year  and second title after Scheveningen but also junmping back into the top 100 in the ATP  rankings

Garcia- Lopez to Sunder Iyer of the Tashkent Challenger Media team about his win and how he came back after a hard year.

Congrats on a big win over Istomin on his home courts ?

I  really feel happy with the win over   Denis is good player , he has good results at home.

Did you go into the match with a psychological advantage having a 4-1 record against him?

I have wins over Denis on all surfaces , he also has a lot of respect for me  as a player and we meet often on the tour, maybe there was some pressure on him playing me , I think he was also a little tired after a ATP Tour win in Chengdu ,

Double Joy for you getting back in the top 100 and also               ?

Yes  Returning back to be in top 100 is truly and satisfying moment  I suffered an injury at Rolland Garros  and saw my rankings dropping , in  July it was  170 and now  after 3 1/2 months back again to top 100 feels great .

It must have been rough times for you ?

Yes I had to Fight out in challengers  ,There are players here good level  and not easy as they feel ,  I feel that the challenger level is very high , you have to go and fight  every day . I think this is reward for hanging out there and  working hard .

Plans and goals  ?

Like I said i Got injured at Rolland  Garros and was out of action for a month  , when I started my Goal was to finish top 100 at the end of the year , but the win here has done me the best favour putting me back in the top 100 , I still have some tournament and   now what comes will be bonus

Your views about the Tashkent Challenger ?

Its my first time in Tashkent  , I had heard its a great tournament ,  I think the site is very good , quality of courts is good, I love the centre court , The event has great facilities and services . I enjoyed my week here.


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